River City Change

Albert Dock Panorama

The city of Liverpool is dear to my heart, and in twenty years of visits there I have seen the impact of investment and development. Between the modernism and feats of architecture there are still traces of the city’s seafaring past.

On my most recent visit I went to the central library, and there I found a glorious transformation. The stairwell is visually stunning, and the place was packed out – so much for mean spirited prejudices against scousers.

Stairwell - Liverpool Central Library

Stairwell – Liverpool Central Library

And as Liverpool has changed, so has society. I couldn’t resist the lovers on the roof:




The Liverpool Fan

The Liverpool Fan

The suffering of Liverpool fans reached the point of exquisite torture this year, beautifully rendered (although silent on the specifc team) here in prose.

It reminded me of this, which tips the commiseratory hat at those unfortunates espoused to Liverpool fans.

Lovers of Michael Ondaatje’s verse should look away now.