Contrast and Glass



I took my camera gear into my office yesterday hoping to do some shots across London but the engineers weren’t available to get me onto the gantry. On the plus side I got to play tourist in my home town and snap some contrasts on my walk through the City and West End on the way home.


Sometimes it would be rude to refuse the shot just because it is obvious.

The walk started with this near St Paul’s, it pits earthly love in contrast with heavenly love. I’m now toying with this image as an alternative cover for Older Gods.

Young Love

Young Love


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned – St Luke’s Liverpool

v2-7796Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned - St Luke's Liverpool

St Luke’s is a bombed out building in the middle of Liverpool. It is slowly being brought back to life as a location for art and creativity, but you have to sign a disclaimer to go in because it might collapse on you.