The Liverpool Fan

The Liverpool Fan

The suffering of Liverpool fans reached the point of exquisite torture this year, beautifully rendered (although silent on the specifc team) here in prose.

It reminded me of this, which tips the commiseratory hat at those unfortunates espoused to Liverpool fans.

Lovers of Michael Ondaatje’s verse should look away now.



My new book is out now!

My new book is out now!

In 2011 I took my mother and a wheelchair on Hajj. I’m still not sure how she talked me into it. It turned out to be a journey filled with tragedy, comedy and epiphany.

This travelogue gives an insight into the essential and yet mysterious Islamic endeavour of Hajj. It is a guide for the unprepared and light relief for those who, like me, struggle to take things too seriously.

Those of particularly orthodox or conservative religious views should beware.

The ebook is available for Kindle, the paperback is now in a range of retail channels.

Extracts are available on my blog.

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Kafka Elliott

Cold Steel (Spiritwalker, #3)Cold Steel by Kate Elliott
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I rarely abandon a book, especially if I have been engaged by its predecessors in a series. And lord knows I was impatient for the release of this final installment of the Spiritwalker series.

Cold Steel was a high four, pushing a five. Cold Magic was a low four, but still had momentum, but by Cold Steel the fire has gone out.

It feels as though Kate Elliot fell out of love with what made her characters feisty and interesting in the first book, and that allowed us to forgive the danger signs in the character development in the second.

By Cold Steel the momentum has gone, as if two books burned away the freshness and energy, and in its place the author propped up the story telling with romantic filler and gratuitous sex.

The main character Cat descends from someone vital and potent to a sap obsessed with her husband’s body and laundry.

And because the characters have paled, suddenly the unusual cadence of their speech becomes annoying. I don’t need everyone to be constantly called by their full names and honorifics. And its a jacket, so why always call it a dash jacket and clutter up the prose, and frankly i don’t give a crap about the attire anyway, so why mention it at all…

And that is why I gave up. If the plot had been condensed into two books, rather than three, and the prose tightened and stripped, this would have been a stand out series. Which leads us to look with eyes narrowed at the money men at the publishers.

Unless, perhaps, I have missed the point and in the end this is a morality tale. However exciting or different, or intriguing something is at the beginning, it is destined to fade into a humdrum existence of petty distractions, small events and hollow victories.

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