A Short Guide to Everything

Quick links to everything there is to see:

All About Al All About My Books





 From Horace to Harry  Reflection

If you read nothing else on your visit read this:

If you see nothing else on your visit see this:

Chappatis  Window

All the other pictures are here: Image Bank

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Short Stories


Never Enough Time to Talk

Crazy Man Michael

The Bloody Briar

The Choice That is No Choice

The Snap and Flutter of Freedom

No Son of Mine

A Family Affair

Living By Numbers



A Question of Moments (Ruswa Fatehpuri)

The Terror of the Mirror

Leaving (Ruswa Fatehpuri)

On the Road After All

Tradesmen’s Crossing

As the End Draws Near

The Door I Never Opened

Atom Smashing

On the Foreshore

The Clouds Roll In

The Unbearable Attraction of Edges

Speaking Without Words


Book & Novel Extracts

From Horace to Harry

Chapatti Passion

MANIFESTO – The Artists Will Set You Free

Valentine’s Day Book Guide

The Harry, Hermione, Ron Triangle

The Plath Maths Patois

Cross Cultural Living

Self Publishing Advice

Hajj – My Pilgrimage

Image and Other Stories

The Streetsweeper of Between
(In Progress)

ClusterWars (In Progress)

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