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All About Al All About My Books





The Price of One Cakefulness #4

If you read nothing else on your visit read this:

If you see nothing else on your visit see this:

The Diversity Deal  Window
The Lesser Evil

All the other pictures are here: Image Bank

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Short Stories


The Footsteps of the Valiant

The Lesser Evil

A Sacrifice for Satire

What the Eye Doesn’t See
Older Gods
Never Enough Time to Talk
Crazy Man Michael

The Choice That is No Choice
The Snap and Flutter of Freedom
No Son of Mine
A Family Affair
Living By Numbers

Muslims are in Crisis

The Diversity Deal

Immigrant Car Wash

The Gates to Common Ground

A Lesser Great Britain

On Beauty

Disney Magic and the Eight Rules of Queuing

Clair by Ruswa Fatehpuri
You May Be Shakespeare But…
Catching Cats
Constant Companion

A Question of Moments (Ruswa Fatehpuri)
The Terror of the Mirror
Autumn (Ruswa Fatehpuri)
On the Road After All
Tradesmen’s Crossing
As the End Draws Near

The Door I Never Opened

Atom Smashing

On the Foreshore

The Clouds Roll In

The Unbearable Attraction of Edges

Speaking Without Words


Book & Novel Extracts

J’accuse the Muslims
I Am Cassandra, You Are Niemoller
The Cancer Magnet
The Case for Flashman
To Bury Shakespeare (sonnet)
From Horace to Harry
Chapatti Passion
MANIFESTO – The Artists Will Set You Free
Valentine’s Day Book Guide
The Harry, Hermione, Ron Triangle
The Plath Maths Patois
Cross Cultural Living
Self Publishing Advice
Hajj – My Pilgrimage
Image and Other Stories
The Streetsweeper of Between (In Progress)
ClusterWars (In Progress)

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