DP Confusion: Giorgia

In my final year at university was I was both baffled and smitten by one of my lecturers. She only taught a short course (four one hour lectures), but it was enough for me to pen a poem to her, and leave it for her in her college pigeon hole (thats not a euphemism, it is something we had in the years before email).

I may have a manuscript somewhere, but no chance of finding it. It went something like this (with apologies to TSE).

On a textual note, our terms (semesters) were arranged in eight week blocks, and the final exams were known as Part Two of the degree course.


Waves of meaningless  words

Lap at the shores of comprehension

In four hours Giorgia

There was no time for you

Or time for me

Or time for a hundred visions and revisions

Before Part Two.

And now week four

All this and so much more

I do not understand.

Me (c 1993)


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