Interview with Ali Abbas, author of Like Clockwork

Me, being interviewed!

Transmundane Press

Ali Abbas, the author of Like Clockwork was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. We hope you enjoy his interview; we did.

How much research did you do for Like Clockwork, and how much came from experience?

I worked for the Royal Navy for a while (in a civilian, non-sailing capacity). I picked up a lot about the culture and how deeply ingrained some standards and behaviours are from that time. Knowing my interest in these things, one of my colleagues loaned me a book of naval terms and history – there was nothing to do one an evening in Portsmouth but read it from cover to cover and back again.

In contrast, I knew next to nothing about clock making, the fashion of the time, and of course I had to double check some of the naval facts like cannon sizes and when certain ranks…

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The Patron Saint of Daydreaming

The Patron Saint of Daydreaming

I am the patron saint of Daydreaming (sidebar: procrastination)

So consider long your pilgrimage to my half-built, abandoned shrine

The provisions you will take, the relics you may find

Then strike out in your mind’s eye for than far destination

Draft up your list of longings, as I have scribbled mine

Not in any published form, but in the novel of the mind

Then plan how you will seek me out in search of your salvation

But do not take the primal step, wait first for my sign

Just ruminate and cogitate, if you are of my kind

When I do nothing with your service, then call it affirmation

Ruswa Fatehpuri (Me) 2014


I’m also reminded of one of my favourite songs by All About Eve – Freeze – one of those “I wish she was singing about me” songs, which includes the lines:

“You’re like a favourite saint, kept alive in prayer and paint

One looked a lot like you, saucer eyed and stoned and out of the blue”

Although on the point of daydreaming the very dreamy Wishing the Hours Away is more relevant.


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