Current Writing Projects

Current writing projects; of which two in a similar vein although aimed at different audiences. It may be a reaction to being father to two girls, but the focus seems to be on strong female leads.

The Streetsweeper of Between – A Faerie story. Changelings, a deposed King, a mourning Queen, and a girl searching for her identity. [3.5k words out of an expected 25k-ish]

The Story of Pippin Apple – a Fairy story for younger readers. Possibly first in a series. A fairy comes into her powers only to find she is pawn in a power struggle between order and chaos. If you know me you’ll know that order is not “good”, but everything is more complicated than it at first seems. [5k words out of an expected 35k-ish]

The supporting novels to The Lethe Cluster – working title is The Cluster Wars. Space Opera with added amnesia. [head processing]

Healing – follow up novel to The Alchemy of Life. A woman tracks down the legend of the Healer, and confronts her own demons. [1k words out of who knows]; possible double header with The Streetsweeper of Between.