Like Clockwork – Published!


It has happened. Thanks to Transmundane Press my novella is live and kicking. Head over to their store, or Amazon, to pop a copy into your shopping basket.

Transmundane Press Store

Amazon UK

Amazon US

See my previous post here if you want to read excerpts.

and I’ll shortly be adding all those lovely people who have added a promo on their blogs…



7 thoughts on “Like Clockwork – Published!

  1. Quick question (if it’s not too nosy)—do you get a better percentage if I buy from Createspace, Amazon, or TMP (I know the latter offers only pdf/epub)? My preference is for a physical book and to support an indie press like TMP rather than Amazon, but I’m just wondering. Anyhow, many congratulations, Ali. I hope to have it downloaded and/or mailed to me shortly.


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