Publication Announcement: Fitting In


Dear Friends, fellow bloggers and passers by,

Those very fine people at Mad Scientist Journal have published a new anthology on migrant experiences through the eyes of the paranormal. It is as mad and as wonderful as it sounds, and includes my own love letter to London town: An Absolute Amount of Sadness.

Click the picture to find out more, and go wild, buy a copy.





One thought on “Publication Announcement: Fitting In

  1. First, congratulations, Ali! That is one very nice cover. [As far as I’m concerned, the cover is close to half the battle. If you’ve got a lousy one, it deters people from looking at the contents within, no matter how good it’s likely to be.] I bet your story will be superb. I might opt for a pdf this time, rather than soft-cover, so I can get it quicker. My kindle, I never updated in the last year or whenever that was. So, AFAIK, it doesn’t work. Let me know if you would like me to tweet and/or shout this to the hills. I’ll also leave an Amazon review when I finish. Much luck and good wishes to you!


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