Before the walls


Building site near Qom, Iran

Before the walls go up…


6 thoughts on “Before the walls

  1. Apartments? Do you want to tell the backstory (meaning, is it a crappy one where it fell and killed people in an earthquake or something depressing)? Anyway, an interesting bowels-of-the-building view. I didn’t even spot the men (presumably the pointer is a guy, too) at first blush. Oh, and glad to see you back on WordPress, Ali. Hope March is productive for you in your writing (and photography)!


    • Alas there was no backstory worth mentioning. This was taken from a coach as we drove by. The man you can just see is a cleric. I don’t know if the building was a seminary he was overseeing, a factory he had a finant interest in, or just a structure he was there to bless… And I was running short of inspiration to make something more interesting up 🙂


    • We were only there for a couple of days, but given the rate of construction (this was taken around Christmas) it may well be at the fit out stage by now.


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