The Joy of Books – A Guide for the Valentine’s Day Escape Artist

As it is that time of year again…

Ali Abbas

We’ve all been there. Filled with good intentions a week before, our minds bubbling with exotic and innovative ideas to surprise and delight our significant other, we’re mentally prepared for V day. And then Alex calls for a drink and Ben needs a favour and Charlie has ticket to the football and before you know it its Feb 13th and you’re out of time.

Welcome fellow travellers to the wonderful world of the Valentine’s book – cheap, easy to acquire, personalised and sure to make you look thoughtful and romantic, as long as you choose the right one.

If you have a day in hand go for a physical book. You can get expedited delivery from online sellers, and in London at least you can track down a book shop on every other high street. Poems are the obvious choice because fiction spans so many story lines you might…

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2 thoughts on “The Joy of Books – A Guide for the Valentine’s Day Escape Artist

  1. Saturday was, indeed, a football match – away at Kingstonian 😉 But my Good Lady knew that so coming home from the early morning shopping with a big bunch of flowers went down well 🙂

    Poetry books can by a nice way of showing your love – though I suspect that Ted hughes’ Crow is not suitable for Valentines Day 😉

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