One Colour to Keep


My wardrobe is primarily greys, blacks and blues, but the kids live in a riot of colour. I think they would hate to live in a world without the red end of the rainbow.


5 thoughts on “One Colour to Keep

    • Leigh you know the shortcut to a father’s heart – praise the princess. Although this one is more of a monkey than anything else.

      I can’t do complicated photoshopping. There are two relatively easy techniques in use here. For both put a grayscale layer on top of the colour version of your picture.

      For the cardigan and shoes I erased the grey to reveal the colour underneath. With the grey stone I could afford to be a little heavy handed at the edges. It wasn’t too fiddly using a 1 pixel eraser and very high magnification.

      For the fuschia flowers, which were much fiddlier I used the magic wand tool to select the pinkish bits in the background layer and then pasted them into the top layer.

      It is easier to do the latter with layers rather than two independent pictures (one colour, one grayscale) because the layering preserves where the coloured bit is in the picture. if you go picture to picture you have to reposition the bit you pasted.

      Leanne Cole has some neat tutorials including one for the above technique, which just needs adapting into photoshop:


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