777 Challenge – The Streetsweeper of Between

The effervescent Leigh of Wordsmithing fame kindly invited me to take part in the 777 challenge.

The premise of this challenge is that you go to page 7, line 7, of your work in progress. From there, quote the next 7 lines in a blog post…

“The Streetsweeper of Between” is the story of Cecilia, a changeling in Victorian England who is caught up in the power struggle between worlds. Alas it has hit the 30k word hiatus and it has been stuck without progress for months.

Fortunately 30k words is well over 7 pages, so I have enough material to comply…


Urun reached out a hand, her thin clawlike fingers surprisingly soft and dry. She sighed, “It is not an uncommon tale here child. We are outcast and exploited in both worlds.” She spoke softly, her words almost lost in the crackling of the fire. “It is a grand jest for the Other, when they leave us in the place of human children, and steal them away, or sire us on their women.”

Cecilia took a deep breath and sat up straighter. “Well I’m here, where you say I belong. And I’ve answered your questions, so perhaps you can answer mine. How do you know that the Streetsweeper knows everything?”


That probably makes no sense in isolation. There are other bits of the novel here .

Not sure who to nominate in turn, I’ll come back to that.


2 thoughts on “777 Challenge – The Streetsweeper of Between

  1. Effervescent, eh? I have been known to induce headaches necessitating Alka-Seltzer. 🙂 But seriously, excellent excerpt, even in isolation, Ali. I will be reading more of the bits later this evening, with the highly acidic (or is it?) material. Whatever will Cecilia decide to do?

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    • You are more than welcome to have a look at the full first thirty thousand words, although be warned my whip handed editor has not yet run the blue pencil over it. (pm me …)


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