Remember, The White Folks Won

Remember, the white folks won.

There is only one eternal law: to the victor the spoils.

You may have a proud and ancient history, Mansa Musa, Cyrus, Babur or any in a long line of famed kings and emperors, but they are just that: ancient. The white man had the last empire, the last colonies, and still has his client states and his bootlickers. Where are yours?

To him you are the subjugated and enslaved. You live in the country he colonised however many hundreds of years ago. You live on land he claimed, whether by conquest or by genocide. To the victor the spoils. You are there on sufferance. You are there because some few pricked his conscience, or because he ground his own labouring classes in his wars, and someone had to drive the trains and sweep the streets. And even then he says “go home”, and you cast down your eyes because you are rooted to this soil, this toil and nowhere in the world are you not alien or heretic, like me.

You think the riches ripped and torn from the shoulders of your ancestors give you some rights in return? You think your sweat has earned you a place at his table? You think basic human decency grants you a right to live? You may have won your manumission, but in his eyes you have no personhood. Your difference is stamped in your skin, in the hook of your nose or the cast of your lips.

You point to your white friends and I point to a butter smear of gentility over the white bred slabs of their compatriots’ contempt. For every one that marries you, or takes you to their home, their hearth, their heart, whose soull really is a light unto the worls, I’ll show you two who seethe with cold resentment when they see you on their streets.


You say that they have laws, and I ask show me the justice? When the red man claims his rights he is subjected to the full weight of the baton and the gun. When the white man claims his rights he is the hero standing up against oppression. This is his justice.

He led the world to war, called all the righteous up against Hitler, and we too fought and bled for that was just. But on his park he still bows to the statue of King Leopold who depopulated Congo, and nor was he alone. He writes the history that he chooses to teach.

Crime knows no colour or creed. All have the capacity to be good or to do evil. But when you do wrong you are the epitome of your race, it is in your blood to flout the law and break the social contract. When one of his does wrong he whitesplains: it is high jinx or some disorder of the mind, not something deep beneath his hall pass skin.

You say they made a black man chief, a brown man mayor and see how we now hold some offices of state. I turn over the page and show you all the vitriol and the hate and wager: see how long he keeps his seat before the bigot or the braying fiend displaces him.

Come my coloured brethren, let us bow our heads. Remember that the white folks won, and we will always be the spoils.



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10 thoughts on “Remember, The White Folks Won

  1. Sadness and truth, entwined to the end. Though my gender makes me second class, my white skin provides me other measures of comfort in my country. Am I discomforted if I enter the cafeteria because so many skintones are different from mine? GOOD. Now I can empathize when I think how other races feel when they are “outnumbered.” Now it is my time to learn to make connections, friendships. Put discomfort and fear to rest. Show respect. Earn respect. Make my life matter. Thank you for your words.

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  2. Too true and eloquent Ali, and, as GirlAstray says, heartbreaking.
    Alas, yes they did. Particularly white, straight, Christian men with secure jobs and incomes. I still hold onto hope, however, that it is getting better in my country and, even if it isn’t, screw the bigots. I’m never going to stop loving people of all colors, orientations, nationalities, sexes, ability status, incomes, religions, and so on.

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  3. Painful to read and horribly true. I want to fast forward a couple of hundred years by when (if the white men haven’t already fried the planet) the gene pool will be so thoroughly mixed worldwide that skin colour will mean no more than hair colour does today. Remember the numbers of voters in the UK (the young and the more educated) and in the US who utterly rejected this throwback to a more primitive time… Umm, do you know, I think perhaps the white folks haven’t won, I think this may be a dying gasp as they fear losing, another empire on it’s way down the drain. I was about to start laying into money, the media and religion – but that doesn’t excuse anything.

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  4. I fought so hard against this man.
    I am sorry for the hateful actions of the minority who put this man in office through an antiquated system, (He lost the popular vote by almost 3 million!). He is setting up his billionaire friends and family so that they can rape our system leaving the bill for the rest of us. I am old. I am multiple morbidity handicapped. I will be spending the next four years agitating for the future of my beloved country. This reality show star is going to destroy our democracy but before he is done with that he is going to get us all killed.

    I pray the members of the electoral college love their country too. He has no clue.

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  5. It bites deep Ali – and is good for that reason. I am that White Man, at least my history is that White Man. I’m very much Uk though so indirectly affected by US politics but I do know a bit about White Man post last war and also in Africa.

    My father was of the generation before – he didn’t trust ‘foreigners’ where he could see deliberate theft of work hours taking place. He saw the ‘Greek’ bloke jumping the fence of the local engineering factory to avoid work while being paid and bit his tongue to avoid conflict. Maybe that explains why the previous generation had trust issues? And yet he never ever expected me to hate people for race reasons!

    I visited my mother in law’s farm in Zimbabwe and the farm employees tried treating me as ‘the white boss’ – very embarrassing on both sides because I made it clear that I’m just passing through and will be working. Even then it took the sight of me picking up sacks along with the other workers to underline that I’m just a telephone engineer working on my holiday 😉

    When you drink Chibuku with the workers you finally cement a human relationship with the local people and ironically you are more native than the farm owner despite the fact that they are an indigenous farmer! Sadly my mother in law passed on and her sons have not done a good job of maintaining the farm and their attitude to their employees is very much at odds to mine 😦 Africans managing Africans is sadly an example of people seeking to dominate other people purely for self gratification – the ‘I’m the big man’ syndrome 😦

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